Principled. Proven. Progress.

As a council member, I will dedicate myself to lower taxes, free-market capitalism, and the reduction of over-reaching regulations.  The core of American Exceptionalism is based in individual liberties and property rights.



"There's no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who takes credit."

Thank you for your insight Ronald Reagan. Honestly, I never expected the benefits of lower taxes would have been evident so quickly in Erlanger. I have always known the city was poised for greatness. Now, I believe we have only "scratched the surface".

When I campaigned in 2014, I talked about the benefits of lower taxes for our city. The same people, who now take credit for these successes, villianized me and promoted fear with questions like "Who do you plan to fire?", or "What services do you plan to take away from our citizens?". Instead, we have added services for our citizens, and no one has been fired because of budget cuts. The reality is this... We lowered taxes and INCREASED revenue. We made Erlanger a more attractive place for businesses to call "home" and capitalized on a booming market.

I am so grateful to the voters of Erlanger for giving me the opportunity to make a difference! The lower tax rates are one of many of the accomplishments in the last 3 years. As many of you know, I will not be seeking re-election as Mayor. Despite the huge time commitment as a part-time Mayor, you have made this an extremely rewarding experience! I have accomplished many of the things I set out to do. Now it is time for me to put my "hands on the plow" and direct my attention back to my personal life and business. I truely believe THIS was the intent of our fore-fathers in regard to public service. Allow successful people from the private sector to improve the government and community for the benefit of many. Get in and help... and get out before the grappels of indebtedness, servitude, and favoritism taint the decisions that favor the taxpayers and general public.





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